An electronic device that triggers a loud noise or other alert when someone attempts to make unauthorized entry to a building or other premises.
If a sensor in your home is triggered we'll respond immediately and contact you.


Burglar/Intruder alarms are an important first line of defense when it comes to protecting your valuable premises.

Many Organizations/Independent & Isolated Structures are faced with increased pressure of rising crime rates, and burglaries lead not only to lost revenue, but also cause wider disruption to your business, which can also impact your bottom line. The installation of Stugo Systek’s Burglar Alarm System can offer you the front line protection, your business requires.

By conducting a comprehensive site survey, we assess particular risks to your premises and business activities and, through a combination of proven techniques and contemporary technology, we will design a customized solution to meet your requirements.

Our team of highly qualified engineers design, install and maintain the latest systems, ensuring they meet all current standards, and as an independent integrator with over 4+ years of experience within the TamilNadu’s security market, we have the ability to match your exact requirements from a wide range of alarm systems.

We provide full training on the alarm system that best meets your requirements - our approach ensures that your system is user-friendly and trouble free and we can provide an integrated solution, linking all of your systems through one interface.